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I can hardly keep still because I’m so excited! I’ve been approved to a be foster mommy for this adorable doggy, and I will be picking her up from the shelter this Sunday. I’ve been busy with preparations, which of course, includes toys!

I’ve browsed many pages on the web for doggy toys, and while I can’t replicate some of the great toys that exist out there that use industrial materials (i.e. plastic, rubber), I realized that there was not reason why I couldn’t still give toy making a try.

After a lot of consideration, I finally decided that a tug toy (made of strong cotton yarn) would be both durable and useful.  The tug toy is basically a long 3-stitch I-cord knit with two strands of cotton yarn (one green, one yellow) on size 10 double points. The double strand of thick cotton yarn and the large needle size enabled me to make this toy in a jiffy!

Once I finished the cord, I sewed the two ends together to make a large circle. Then I used an Embellish Knit to quickly make another I-cord (this time with black Micro-Spun yarn) which I wrapped around the cinched middle of the circle to create this infinity symbol shaped toy. Lastly, I wanted the doggy end to be thicker so the dog would have more to bite into, so I another loop at one end and sewed it flat against the rest of the toy.

I can’t wait try this toy out on Sunday—and I’ll be sure to post more pictures of the toy with my soon-to-be canine model!

P.S. if you don’t know how to make an I-cord, this is a very useful instructional video.