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I love how this fuzzy Hand & Hand yarn I bought in Korea is so soft and cuddly! When my dog, Webby, wears this sweater, she’s just like a big fluffy cloud of cotton candy walking around.

Since this yarn is so fluffy, I can get away with knitting these quickly on large needles, which helps to make this one of the fastest knitting projects in my repertoire. I knit this in stockinette stitch on size 10 and 9 needles.

Although this was only the second dog sweater I had knitted, I used a completely different approach from the Lovely in Lavender Dog Sweater. I’ll have a future post about exactly how I constructed the sweater…

Now for the finishing details. Digging through my spare button bin resulted in a wonderful discovery: a pair of pink fabric-covered flower print buttons with gold edges. Score! I also used my Embellish Knit to make a pink I-cord out of … yarn. I used this to decorate the edges of the sweater and to add a butterfly design to the back.

I think this outfit helps bring out her feminine side, which helps since there’s such a strong black dog prejudice in Korea. “Say what?!” Yup–black dog prejudice! Allow me to explain.

Webby is a total sweetheart and a survivor. She was abandoned as a puppy, and sent to a kill shelter in Busan, Korea. Given her (presumably) easily adoptable status as a cute little puppy, someone rescued her by sending her to a no-kill shelter about an hour away from Seoul. However, she spent six long months there, during which she was completely overrun with ticks. They were all over her chest, face, ears, etc… Four other unfortunate shelter dogs died from the infestation, but she survived~~ By the time I adopted her, she was a hyperactive dog with no socialization skills and a lot of fear. She’s come a long way, but she’s still a little skittish around people. The good news is that she’s very gentle and would never dream of biting a person–she’s just so passive!

However, when I walk in her my neighborhood, mothers will suddenly grab their children and exclaim, “Oh, a black dog! Those bite!” or “Oh, that dog looks vicious!” Mind you, Koreans almost exclusively raise only toy dogs for pets, and they believe my 18 pound canine is ginormous.

So, if this sweater helps as much as her lavender one has to soften her image, so be it!