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My husband and I adopted our darling foster dog last October, and I happily presented the toys I prepared for her (snake and tug toy)…and slowly watched them all die!

My very energetic doggy has power jaws and an incredible love of chewing– Her sharp little teeth would gnaw a hole in no time flat, and then she would have the time of her life ripping the stuffing out. Thankfully, she didn’t care to eat it at all–but if you could only see the devilish gleam in her eye when she pulls out another mouthful of poly-fil… At least she still had a ball playing with the gutless remains until it got so raggedy I tossed it away.

After a few more knitted toys, I realized that these just weren’t for her. There are a great many dogs who are far gentler on their toys, but my dear Webby is not one of them. The good news is that she is just as happy with an empty plastic bottle, or a rattle wrapped in a rag. Clearly, she doesn’t judge books by their covers—good for her!