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This sweater is my homage to the bold and bright solid colors that were prevalent in the mod fashions of the 1960s.

It was also the perfect way to use up a stash of Sensations Lourdes yarn that I had. I’m sure many fellow knitters can relate the the experience of seeing a bunch of yarn on sale, buying it all on impulse, and then letting that yarn sit in a storage box for years. Well, that was exactly the case with this looped yarn I bought for what seemed to be no good reason–after all, there were only a few (pretty small!) skeins in each color, the colors were all a bit loud for any of the project ideas that came across my mind, the loops were impractical for accessories since they caught on everything…  Sigh—basically the best feature was that it was on clearance…until now!

Now I’ve used this colorful and loopy yarn to create a sweater for Webby that just shouts, “Bam! Color is here!”

Again, I used my signature method of snaps along the side to make the sweater easy for my long-legged dog to get in and out of (pattern to follow soon!).  The sweater also features a rolled collar, and the whole thing was knit in a basic stockinette stitch to let the loops create their own subtle pattern of texture.

I love putting Webby in this sweater—it inspires me to put on a splash of color myself!