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Ah, the good ol’ days when I first started knitting–when I could only manage to knit up a short, skinny scarf in garter stitch. No purl stitches, no cables, no patterns to follow, no circular needles, no need to measure things and check gauge…

Hmm….but wait a minute–that gets boring really fast! Thankfully, my repertoire of knitting skills has grown over the years…but with it, so has my need for various knitting tools. Now, I’ve tried keeping my assorted tools in a cute little bag that I kept by my side as I knitted. But even with my little bag, I hated digging around to look for something, especially small items like stitch markers and darning needles, and inevitably something would get lost.

Then one day, I happened upon the Knit Kit as I was surfing the web…BINGO! This veritable Swiss Army knife for knitters is a compact plastic case with tools either built in or stored in a small compartment in the back. Now I’m able to have the following nine tools at my fingertips:

  • 5 ft. tape measure
  • thread cutter
  • collapsible scissors (TSA compliant)
  • double-sided crochet hook
  • row counter
  • stitch markers
  • darning needle
  • tip protectors
  • needle gauge

The needle gauge is a (welcome!) new feature…the older Knit Kits (in black and blue) don’t feature it, and I’m surprised that the official Knit Kit site doesn’t feature the newer model (hot pink) with the needle gauge. If they are gearing up for another upgrade, my biggest recommendation would be for a cable needle to be included, especially since I do so much cable work. Unfortunately, the compartment in the back isn’t big enough to accommodate any of my cable needles, but this seems like an easy enough fix if they modify the design a bit.

In the meantime, I will continue with my usual practice of sticking my cable needle behind my ear (much like a pencil) while I knit. Of course, I’ll also have to be mindful of putting the cable needle away when I’m done–much to my horror, I came home one day to realize that I had gone out into the public world with the needle still behind my ear! I will hope that people just that it was a really eccentric hair pin :)!

Also, I’m not a very big fan of the included stitch markers–they are elastic, and I’ve already had two come apart after repeated use. However, it’s easy enough for me to just put my own plastic split stitch markers in the compartment, so it’s not a big deal.

So, fellow knitters, what are some of your favorite things?