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If you’ve read my other posts on knit toys (pig, bookworm, raindrop, pear, flower, octopus), then you’ve probably noticed a common theme. I’m a HUGE fan of knitting in the round for toys, and this panda is no exception!

Pandas have been on my mind a lot recently~~ I’ve always thought they were cute, and lately I’ve seen several cartoons that extol the “multicultural” identity of pandas. Perhaps you’ve seen them? The panda proudly states, “I’m black! I’m white! I’m Asian!”

Anyway, I experimented a bit to make a panda via my usual knitting in the round method. I was also inspired by the bulbous shape of “punching clowns” like this one.

Also, like a punching clown, I weighted the bottom of the panda to help him sit upright. The task was pretty easy and just took a short trip to the kitchen. Some uncooked rice in a plastic baggy gave him the heft I was looking for!

Whenever I create a new toy, the process is very organic. I start knitting and see where it takes me. Sometimes I have to rip out stitches and start over, and I’m also not always satisfied with the final result, but it’s all part of a creative journey. For this first panda attempt, I think there is too much black on the torso, but otherwise I’m fairly satisfied. I look forward to making another panda soon so I can finalize a pattern. Once I write one up, I’ll be sure to post it here–but I felt that this guy was too cute to not share first!