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knitted squid

I love squid! They feature abundantly in Korean cuisine, and I find their oddly-shaped bodies bobbing around in the ocean to be somewhat comical~~ And of course, it always brings to mind fond memories of Blooper the squid making life difficult for Mario.

mario blooper

My newly created knitted squid also continues my recent foray into marine-themed knitted toys~~ Check out my knitted whale, octopus & starfish!

moby4knitted octopusknitted starfish

Cid the Squid is based a lot on my knitted octopus, but the pattern involves a few additional steps~~ Enjoy!

Knitted Squid Pattern

NOTE: this pattern is for personal use only. Please do not use it for commercial purposes (i.e. selling).


  • Approximately 4.5″ diameter with size 5 needles and sport weight/ worsted weight yarn


  • Knitting on double point needles
  • Increasing stitches (kfb = knit in front and back of stitch & m1 = make 1)
  • Decreasing stitches (k2tog = knit 2 together & ssk = slip, slip, knit)
  • Picking up stitches
  • Basic crocheting


  • Set of double point needles
  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn
  • Toy eyes (optional)
  • Toy bell or squeaker (optional)
  • Tapestry/knitting needle to weave in ends and embroider eyes (optional)
The head consists of two parts. The pointy head part is done first, starting from the base and finishing at the top of the head. Stitches are then picked up from the base for the squid’s “face,” and then the legs are done.
Cast on 24 stitches loosely across three double-pointed needles.
  • Knit 11 rounds
  • (k2tog, k6) 3 times; (21 sts)
  • Knit 3 rounds
  • (k2tog, k5) 3 times; (18 sts)
  • Knit 3 rounds
  • (k2tog, k4) 3 times; (15 sts)
  • Knit 3 rounds
  • (k2tog, k3) 3 times; (12 sts)
  • Knit 2 rounds
  • (k2tog, k2) 3 times; (9 sts)
  • Knit 2 rounds
  • (k2tog, k1) 3 times; (6 sts)
  • Cut yarn to leave a 4″ tail and thread. Use a tapestry needle to thread the yarn through the remaining 6 sts. Pull tight to close the top and weave in yarn.
Pick up 24 sts from the base of the head across 3 double-point needles.
  • Knit 8 rounds
Legs are made from 3 stitch sections. You will use two of the double points to make the legs. Transfer the stitches from one needle onto another working needle so all 24 stitches are on only two needles.
LEG #1 (First 3 stitch section):
1. k1, m1, k1, m1, k1; (5 sts)
2. Purl all even rows
3. Knit
5. Knit
7. Knit
9. Knit
11. k1, k2tog, k2; (4 sts)
13. Knit
15. k1, k2tog, k1; (3 sts)
17. Knit
19. k1, k2tog (2 sts)
21. k2tog
22. Slip last st onto crochet hook and “sew up” the sides of the legs together. (Here is a useful link if you do not know how to crochet a seam: “Crochet a Seam with Your Crochet Hook”)
23. At the end of the seam, slip the final stitch from the crochet hook onto the double-point needle and prepare to work on a new leg

LEGS #2-8

  • k2tog, m1, k1, m1, k1 (the 2 sts you’re knitting together includes the extra st from the previous leg’s seam that was slipped from the crochet hook)
  • Follow steps 2-23 above to knit the remaining legs.
  • Add toy eyes. I use safety eyes where the eye snaps into a disc and is nearly impossible to pull out. If this is a gift for a (gentle!) dog or cat, then embroidered eyes would be better. Wait until the doll is stuffed before sewing/embroidering eyes.
  • Stuff the squid with polyfil and a squeaker or bell if you want your squid to make some noise.
  • Crochet the opening closed. You are basically crocheting a circle from the outside  in. Weave in end.

2013-02-02 03.08.41

Right Fin
Co 4 sts
1. Knit
2. Purl all even rows.
3. k2tog, k2 (3 sts)
5. Knit
7. Knit
9. k2tog, k1 (2 sts)
11. k2tog (1 st)
  • Bind off and use a tapestry needle to sew to the right side of the body.
Left Fin
Co 4 sts
1. Knit
2. Purl all even rows.
3. k2, ssk (3 sts)
5. Knit
7. Knit
9. k1, ssk (2 sts)
11. ssk (1 st)
  • Bind off and use a tapestry needle to sew to the left side of the body.
  • Gaze into Cid’s big bug eyes and marvel at how adorable he is!