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There’s a Korean saying that says, “Even a hedgehog thinks her young are soft and glossy” (고슴도치도 제 새끼는 함함하다). It’s basically the Korean version of the English proverb, “The crow thinks her own birds fairest,” and a version of the well-known saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

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But to be honest, I think Harry the Hedgehog would be irresistibly adorable to anyone, not just his mom!

Would you  like to meet her? Here she is:

True to my tradition of utilizing an “organic” knitting design process (i.e. winging it!), the mom ended up on the large side (7 inches long) for a wee animal like a hedgehog. I also knitted her from tail to head, and since I didn’t decrease stitches drastically enough for her head, it’s not as tapered as I would have liked.

When I decided to try again, I started with Harry’s face to make sure his head was well tapered (which definitely amps up the cuteness factor!), and made him much smaller (5.5 inches long).

Unlike real hedgehogs, Harry and his mom are super soft thanks to two strands of Lion Brand Fun Fur yarn being knitted together. Thank goodness, because they are just so huggable!