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As I mentioned in my previous post about making my own double point knitting needles case, I especially love combining crafting and problem solving together. In this particular case, I needed a storage solution for all of my circular knitting needles.

For this project, I went with a blue motif, and found these cheery blue prints at the fabric store.


I used the dark blue fabric for the outside, and cut it long enough so that a large flap could be folded over the interior pockets. With the light blue fabric, I created three rows of pockets for my needles.

With some sewing, I managed to create four pockets for each row and a large decorative flap to keep all of my needles safely inside.

circular needle case

To finish my project, I used some light blue fabric to create a contrasting band for the outside. I sewed on some snaps, and voilà! With my case closed, I can securely carry my circular needles anywhere in style!

circular needle case1