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pink loopy scarf

Yarn lovers—we’ve all been there…. You have a massive inventory of yarn, and you’ve sworn up and down that you won’t add to the stash until you use it up. But then you inadvertently walk by a bin of discontinued clearance yarn, and you can’t help yourself—you buy it ALL!

This time, the bargain bin featured some Sensation Lourdes yarn, a spaced loop yarn made from a rayon/acrylic blend.

There were a couple of skeins in blue, green, purple and pink. The first three colors I used to make a mod-inspired color block sweater for my dog, Webby.

For the pink yarn, there was just enough to make a couple of winter accessories. The loops of this yarn had such a sense of whimsy, that it inspired me to make an equally fun scarf and hat set. Hence, the little “stem” on the top of the hat, and all of the white crochet trim.

pink loopy scarf hat

These pieces always made me think of cotton candy, and I always felt a light-hearted and childlike silliness when I wore them. In short, it was a fun and fashionable way to chase away the winter chill!

pink scarf