How my knitting journey began…

In 6th grade, my elementary school put on a production of The Lorax,  Dr. Seuss’ fable of conservation and logging.

In the story, trees are being destroyed at a rapid clip for the production of “Thneeds,” odd-looking, versatile garments that “everyone needs.”

Sporting a pixie-ish beanie I knitted~



My friend and I were in charge of making the thneed props for the play, and being commissioned for odd-looking knitted garments was great because it let us off the hook for any knitting gaffs and goofs we would likely commit–whew!

Our thneeds were successfully used in the play, but more importantly, “thneed-making” sparked a love of knitting that has stayed with me over the decades!

I look forward to sharing my love of knitting with you through my posts, pictures and insights. Please enjoy!

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