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jennys aran blanket

So this is a blog post that I’ve put off forever because–to be honest–the blanket still isn’t finished…and I’ve worked on this blanket, on and off, for a couple of years! But I do love my knitted Aran blanket!

I had the terribly ambitious (and incredibly naive) notion of knitting a queen-sized blanket. Good grief, there’s a reason why knitted blankets are generally smaller sized throws, or at least composed of smaller knit/crochet squares that are pieced together. It’s because it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to knit something of this size!

This blanket is from the Burridge Lake Aran blanket pattern by Anna Dalvi, with some variations. In Dalvi’s version, the blanket is made of three panels: a central panel bordered by identical contrasting panels. Since I wanted a queen-sized blanket, I added an additional contrasting panel to each side. There should also be a cabled border added to the top and bottom, but I had reached a point where I was sick to death of working on this blanket, and firmly shoved that finishing touch to the back burner.

I keep meaning to get back to this project, but it’s been years, and I figured I should at least blog what I have so far, because who knows when I’ll really finish!

For my blanket, the structure is like this:

Panel 1 / Panel 2 / Panel 3 / Panel 2 / Panel 1.

Here are the panels:

aran blanket panel 1

Panel 1

Panel 2Panel 2

aran blanket panel 3

Panel 3 (Center)

Although I never finished off the borders for this project, my husband and I have put the blanket to use. He especially likes the fact that it is quite heavy and warm because of the sheer mass of yarn from all the cables, bobbles, and weaves. Also, given it’s size, I went with an affordable option and knit this project with many skeins of Caron One Pound acrylic yarn. It makes for quite a cozy wrap!

jennys aran blanket 2